WOD Thur 21.04.16

The workout of the day is…

a/ 3-3-3-3-3

power cleans

b/ 21-15-9


bumper ground to overhead

c/  3 x 10 overhead lunge


“When you’re struggling to commit to your program because you think it’s too light or too slowly moving, remember there are 8 year old gymnasts that are training 30+ hours a week and their goal is an Olympic Games in 8 – 12 years with 0% guarantee that they will achieve that goal.

Trust your coach. Commit to movement quality. Don’t be a program hopper or skip mobility or midbody strength because you feel it doesn’t “work” for you.

Master the basics to the point of unconscious habit.

Every great athlete calls on their automatic pilot. You can’t develop it without excellent basics.

Patience is necessary and we all know the time will pass anyway.” – Gymnastics Method


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