WOD Wed 04.05.16

The workout of the day is…

a/ 3-3-3-3-3

bench press

b/ 3 rounds; 1 minute stations

overhead sit-ups

double unders

sledgehammer strikes

c/ kipping swing/ring supports


“What I’ve focused on recently is that even if the workout is not something I have any desire to do, I’ve been pushing myself to get my butt up and head into the gym. I’ve been doing CrossFit long enough to have an idea what is going to be tolerable and what is going to make me rethink my life choices.

There really is no benefit in skipping the WODs you don’t feel like showing up for. In fact, it makes more sense to get in and do those because it most likely is a weakness you need to work on. You don’t have to be a Regional or Games athlete to know that working on weaknesses will make you a better overall CrossFitter.”




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