WOD Mon 16.05.16

The workout of the day is…

a/ 3-2-1-1-1

push press

b/ 5 rounds;

3  x push press

10 x d’bell snatches

20 x mountain climbers

c/ pull-up progression


Thanks to those who came down and watched the weightlifting on Saturday. The next in-house meet will be in August – I would love to see a few more of you down to check it out next time! It is heaps of fun.

Amie from Target Nutrition will be back on the 27th of May. Anyone who has been struggling with their eating, energy levels, strength/performance or just wants to learn how to eat better can book in for a one hour consult – (this includes nutrition education, body fat/measurement testing and a personalised meal plan) See me for more information and to book a time slot.


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