WOD Thur 28.07.16

The workout of the day is…

a/ 3-3-3-3

back squats

b/ 5-5-5-5

chin ups

c/ 8 minute AMRAP

12 x wall balls

10 x pull-ups

Rest for one minute after THEN:

1 minute as many reps as possible of wall balls 😀


“Something I love about Crossfit is that it taught me that feeling pain is something that is actually bearable. I didn’t know what a painful workout was before Crossfit. And when I first started, I constantly quit. I stopped doing burpees because they hurt. I stopped running because it hurt. But one day I realized that quitting also hurt. It hurt my dreams, it hurt my goals. And Crossfit showed me that even through immense pain, you can keep going. You can get back off the floor, you can put one foot in front of the other. And through that pain, through that mental battle, you can get stronger both physically and mentally.

Because of Crossfit, I work harder, I challenge myself, I know my strengths and I confront my weaknesses, and I push through the pain. Because of Crossfit, I’m a better person. Period. Have you found a workout that makes you question why you do it sometimes? Have you found a workout that helps you realize your true abilities? Have you found a workout that shows you there is great strength in pain? If you haven’t, go out and find it. Find a workout that makes you stand when you feel like you have nothing left. If you can learn to embrace that pain, you will be able to see those true abilities in other areas of your life. ‪#‎embracethesuck‬ ‪#‎embracethepain‬‪#‎embracethe200msprints‬ ‪#‎deeptalks‬ ” – Juli Bauer of PaleOMG. 


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