WOD Mon 08.08.16

The workout of the day is…

a/ 3-3-3-3


b/ 8-8-8-8

single leg deadlift

c/ 7 min – as many reps as possible of d’bell clean + push jerk

*every minute do 3 x burpees


  1. This weekend will be our third club weightlifting meet for the year! The lifting will start at 3pm on Saturday in the gym, so come down to check it out, cheer on the lifters and learn about the sport. Everyone is welcome to come watch!
  2. I am currently taking bookings for appointments with Amie, our sports dietitian. If you are looking to loose/gain weight or improve energy and performance then see me for more info.
  3. I am also taking pre-orders for a limited run of CFG shirts! I need a certain number of paid shirts before I can place the order. I would love to do it at the end of this week. $20 per shirt with $5 per shirt going towards our fundraising efforts for Relay For Life 🙂


Relay for Life Tee

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