WOD Mon 19.09.16

The workout of the day is…

[a] 3-3-3-3

back squats

[b] 4 x 2 handstand walk on box – around the world

[c] 3 rounds – each for time

14 x d’bell box step overs

14 x d’bell front squats

14 x d’bell push press

14 x burpees


I hope you all had an awesome weekend! 😀

Parents, you are welcome to bring your kids along to your class if you need to over the school holidays but please make sure they are not disruptive to the class. They are to hang out in the foyer area and not go wandering around the building. We have a couch for them to sit on, movies for them to watch and toys to play with. There are electrical sockets that you can plug phones, tablets or laptops into. Feel free to bring coloring in stuff, snacks and whatever else you want to keep them entertained for the hour, just make sure you clean up everything before you leave 🙂

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