The 2017 CrossFit Games Open

Hey guys, the CrossFit Games Open is coming up starting on the 23rd of Feb. The CrossFit Open is a completely open competition that anyone can participate in.

There are 5 workouts run over 5 weeks. With the addition of the scaled division this is a great chance to test your fitness and challenge yourself!  We will run each of the workouts on the Friday night. This will be run as a fun night to have some friendly competition between your training buddies and maybe a beer afterwards! 😛 . Last year we have an awesome group of people participate, and they had such a good time.

Sign up for US$20, do the workouts, enter your scores, and you will be ranked in relation to your peers in your age division, gym, competition region, state and country. People like Rolly and Matt were able to check out and see how they fared against other police officers and paramedics as well!

I know that Corey has already signed up so get on and join him! Go to and click the big red button to register. If you are unsure if you should be signing up, come see me and I will be able to let you know! (Chances are the answer is yes! 😛 )

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