WOD Tue 14.02.17

The workout of the day is…

[a] 3-3-2-2-1-1

front squats

[b] “Helen”

3 rounds;

400m run

21 x kettebell swings

12 x pull-ups


Terrific Tuesday! Come have a go at this CrossFit benchmark workout. Some of you have done it before, so it is the perfect chance to test yourself against last time. For those of you that haven’t it is a great time to set yourself a baseline to compare against when it pops up next time! 😀

Dudes, The Open starts on the 24th (NEXT FRIDAY!) so get your registration done. Also, that same day Amie from Target Nutrition will be here, so if you want a consult or a follow up with her let me know so we can book you a spot 😀


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