WOD Thur 13.04.17

The workout of the day is…

[a] 3-3-3-3


[b] 4 x 8 toes over kettlebell

[c] 8 minute AMRAP

5 x overhead sit-ups

5 x burpee to plate


Cam and I would like to extend a huge congratulations to Krystle on her wedding at the weekend. Krystle is coming up to her 2 year CrossFit anniversary so I can’t wait to help her celebrate by working off some of that USA honeymoon food! Haha! We love seeing our crew live amazing lives and we are lucky to a part of that. Congrats, guys 😀 #herecomethemillhouses

P.S – last day before the easter long weekend. Get this session in!

Krystle Wedding.jpg

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