WOD Tue 06.06.17

The workout of the day is…

[a] 4 x 10 d’bell curl-to-press

+max reps of pull-ups between each set

[b] tabata hollow/arch hold

[c] 4 minutes – max reps of double unders [sub: mountain climbers]


I originally wanted to post this great photo of Liam heading the ball but I couldn’t manage to steal it from the Gympie Times website, so here, have this one instead. CrossFit is a really great supplemental program to help strengthen your muscles, joints and bones for other sports. We have people in the gym that play a HUGE range of sports – soccer, rubgy, touch, AFL, netball, hockey, tennis etc. And for each of them adding CrossFit has had a great impact on their game 😀 Bring a friend from your team this week to try it out!

liam soccor

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