WOD Tue 05.09.17

The workout of the day is…

[a] skill: kipping swing + pull-ups or toes-to-bar

[b] Tabata Something Else

  • tabata pull-ups (kipping, jumping or ring rows)
  • tabata push-ups (toes, knees or raised)
  • tabata squats
  • tabata sit-ups

*The tabatas are consecutive, no extra rest in between. You must complete all 8 sets of pull-ups before moving on to push-ups and so on.


It makes me so happy to see you guys all being so welcoming and lovely to our new members. Love this little community we have grown. Keep your eyes peeled for a fun ‘outside-of-crossfit-omg-I-can’t-believe-thats-how-you-look-out-of-gym-clothes’ social event coming up soon!


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