WOD Tue 12.09.17

The workout of the day is…

Death by Sprints

On the first minute start with 1 x 10m sprint

On the second minute do 2 x 10m sprints

On the third minute do 3 x 10m sprints

etc, etc…

  • continue to add one rep for each minute
  • when you can no longer complete the prescribed amount of reps you will spend the remainder of the time performing max reps of wall balls 😀
  • 20 minute cut off


This Saturday we have our 3rd round of the JME QLD Weightlifting Club Challenge for Sty True Weightlifting Club! We have some new lifters, include some from our youth training sessions. Lifting will kick off at 3pm, so feel free to pop down. There will be lifting all afternoon so come check it out.


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