WOD Thur 05.07.18

The workout of the day is…


[a]  1-1-1

back squat

[b] 1-1-1

strict press

[c] 1-1-1




You have a maximum of three attempts at each lift.  You will have about 5-6 warm-up sets before first attempt at back squat, 2-3 warm-up sets for press, and 3-4 warm-up sets for deadlift.  Managing your time is very important in this workout.  You will have 20 mins for back squat, 10 mins for press, and 15 minutes for deadlift. Click the link attached for a warm up sheet that you can use to plan out your lifts for this session before coming to class. This will be useful if you know your current maxes and have an idea of what you would like to hit. If you are newer or don’t know your 1 rep max for these lifts it will be a little bit more of going by feel during this session and using the information you might have for 5’s and 3’s. We will be retesting this at the end of the 8 week challenge.




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